Andrea Friedrich


FOUNDER – Essency

Decentralizing Abundance

We all have a stake in Planet Earth.

Contribute and claim your share.

Session Takeaways

  • Collaborations frameworks
  • Multiple forms of capital
  • Blockchain / Tokenization of value
  • Reciprocity framework towards Regeneration
  • Regenerative Land Trust
  • Renaissance Pluriversity
  • Actionable next step
  • Opportunities to get involved

Andrea Friedrich

Andrea Friedrich is a strategic biz advisor, coach, and trauma-informed therapist living in Hamburg, Germany with her family.

What she does best? Facilitating change. By exploring new ways of doing business and life, new ways of creating value and new ways of leadership. Andrea loves to work “in-between” diverse disciplines, perspectives and people. The intention behind her work is to nourish the conscious evolution of people, organizations and social systems.

She started her career in tech and media/ad biz as a digital strategist and is an expert in creative digital strategy, agile transformation processes, team development structures and purpose consulting. Andrea holds a Master’s degree in computer science and degrees in digital design and journalism. Later she got certified as an integral coach and trauma-informed therapist, trained in numerous coaching and healing modalities such as craniosacral trauma therapy, family constellation, essence, integral coaching, spiral dynamics, theory u, yoga, mindfulness, breathe work.

She deeply believes that in order to address the pressing questions of our time, we have to gather a confluence of minds towards co-creative development processes, which motivates her to support the development of programs, tools, processes, and collaborations. She is currently a co-creator of a Regenerative Planetary Culture in SEEDS/MoM/HYPHA – Decentralized Human Organizations (DHOs) and part of the Holistic Visions Symposium of Le Ciel Foundation.

In her free time, you will encounter Andrea finding inspiration in nature, indulging in books and poetry, and exchanging with leaders across multiple disciplines.