Tips for Thriving in Turbulent Times

Session Description:

Tips for Thriving in Turbulent Times is a session that provides deep wisdom from many sources about the skill sets, perspectives and methods that leaders are using to navigate the current times of dramatic and rapid change. Steeped in the fields of transformation, human development, whole system thinking and collaborative innovation approaches, this presentation will empower you to understand and begin to adopt practices and perspectives that are working for today’s leaders of large scale change and global transformation. This will have a positive impact in your business and throughout different aspects of your life.

The presenter is the Managing Director of KINS Innovation Networks who uses an effective method of collaborative innovation to create the new systems and structures that we want in the world (i.e. humane systems that support all of life including the Earth). She is also an Innovation Network Coordinator at the Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions where they are having dramatic success in transforming large systems and supply chains (e.g. bringing solar to the world, removing GMO’s from food and shifting a billion dollars of capital to community development banks.)

Session Takeaways:

  • You will leave with concrete tools, methods and perspectives that will empower you to navigate the challenges in work and in life with greater ease
  • You will gain insight on how you inadvertently interfere with your own best interests and how to reduce these habits
  • You will learn cutting edge practices and perspectives that are being successfully used by leaders in many fields to navigate these complex and rapidly changing times
  • Participants will receive a free electronic copy of Experiential Activities for a Better World in English or Spanish

Marilyn Levin’s Bio:

Marilyn Levin, MSW is a social entrepreneur focused on catalyzing the global transformation that is underway. She is an award winning activist, a professional speaker and trainer and the author of Experiential Activities for a Better World (in English and Spanish) She founded several organizations including Global Sufficiency Network, GALAXY, and RAY and served as Campaign Director for Four Years Go She currently serves as Managing Director of KINS Innovation Networks in collaboration with


Facebook: /marilyn.levin.7