Resistance: How it Can Benefit Your Personal & Professional Journey

Session Description:

Most people move away from the things that bring the pain or discomfort.
Experiences and/or situations that may make them feel small, inadequate, insecure or unknowledgeable and that decision may be one of the biggest mistakes we can make on our life journey.

Like a diamond hidden in the darkest recesses of earth… resistance helps us discover the gems that will set us free and give us access to some of our greatest growth opportunities!

Session Takeaways:

Resistance – The value is serves in our life.
Is it education or protection?
Understanding your relationship to resistance.
Practical guidelines for using resistance to mine for life lesson gems!

Heather Robertson’s Bio:

Drawing upon the combined resources of a 28+ year executive career in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lana Holmes served as a proof of concept CEO for 8 companies and was a an investor or advisor in over 30 technical startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a founder of four companies, she has a deep expertise in the complete entrepreneurial journey. More specifically, a refined knowing of the inner and outer structures needed for successful implementation in the current market place. Sensing that the marketplace needed more than business expertise, Lana invested in her personal practice with an eight year journey in earth wisdom and oral indigenous traditions. Lana has developed skills uniquely suited for the opportunities and challenges of our current world community. Always listening and connected to a deep conviction that the feminine voice holds healing and wholeness for what is needed to restore balance and order among all humans, she continues to invest her energies to all that serves and sustains life. Lana is a keynote speaker and personal guide for high impact individuals that endeavor to live to their highest potential. She also serves as Vice Chair of World Pulse, Inc.