How To Turn Self-Sabotage Into Success

Session Description:

Do you wish you could just get inside your head and remove all your negative self-limiting thoughts, productivity drains and self-sabotaging behaviors? You can laugh at how great it would be… but what if you really could learn the secrets to changing the way you think?   As every great leader knows, change evolves authentically from the inside out. Join emotional intelligence expert Jenny R Craig, LCSW, BCD as she takes you on a journey into your mind and body to give your PRACTICAL tools to make long term changes for your success. By the end of this seminar, you will uncover the nine steps needed to move past self-sabotage and change a negative thought into a positive. Warning: These techniques were developed and tested to increase success and not just be a short motivational boost.

Session Takeaways:

  • Understand why you self-sabotage
  • Learn how to speak to your brain in the language it understands
  • Uncover tools to sustaining self-awareness
  • Learn one of the top secrets to sustaining your change and maintaining success

Jenny Craig’s Bio:

Jenny R. Craig, LCSW, BCD is a transformation specialist, utilizing her expertise in assisting leaders in creating authentic, profound, long-lasting impact in their organizations and personal lives. A dynamic and riveting speaker, Jenny has taught her life-changing training all over the world. She is a powerful influence in her field in psychology, having trained psychologists and coaches in 48 states on her techniques, has spoken at the United Nations, published three books and been part of two best sellers. As an innovator in brain-training tools, Jenny is the creator of the I am grateful for ring, numerous train-the-trainer programs and a six-week self-guided curriculum on emotional intelligence. Jenny is known for her unique ability to help leaders look within and move past self sabotage with practical tools leading people to quantum leaps in personal and professional success. Jenny is also the creator and force behind the Grateful Ring world wide peace movement.

Jenny has appeared on WINK, CBS, FOX, PBS and the Lifetime Network, been named WE magazine’s 2014 Who’s Who Among Women, 2012 American Business Woman Association Neapolitan Woman of the Year, Gulfshore Business’s 40 under 40, the guru of interest in Gulfshore Life, Sapphire Award Inscape Publishing, IMPACT Leadership 21’s United Nations Academy, distinguished speaker on Emotional Intelligence at Hodges University and taught for an independent course at Columbia University School of International Public Affairs on EQ. Specialties: Transformational Specialist, EQ Expert, City Government team trainer Women’s Empowerment, Keynote speaker, Mastermind Leader, Published Author, Global Leadership Development, CEO, Communication Specialist, Behavioral Consultant


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