Self-Leadership: Who’s Your Driver?

Session Description:

The foundational energy of personal leadership is paramount and how we choose to engage it can either elevate our livelihood or stall it. To be an entrepreneur is to be a leader, first with self, then within your industry. Metaphorically, the road and signs along the way are your guide. If you’re willing to heed the signs, follow your GPS so to speak, you’ll find that the entrepreneurial life has it’s own will and it asks nothing less than all of you. Life unfolds in ways you can’t imagine. What may seem like a detour can actually be the fastest route. It’s trusting the feedback and allowing spirit to help with the enfoldment. The fabric of our efforts is a true mosaic. Heather will share her personal and professional journey of entrepreneurship and why simply understanding the power of her motivation and knowing who’s steering her decisions and leadership style saves money, increases sales, and deliver’s her to a place of total fulfillment and freedom. Every time.

Session Takeaways:

1. Discover the road signs that signal to press on, diversions that halt success, and road blocks that are packed with information.
2. Determine who’s driving your personal and professional leadership.
3. Learn an invaluable exercise you can implement anytime anywhere that will enhance you leadership capacity.

Heather Robertson’s Bio:

Heather Robertson is the founder and CEO of Wide Awake by Design. She’s an advisor, strategist, yoga educator, and an adventurer dedicated to changing the lives of motivated women seeking to enhance their personal and professional leadership skills. These women recognize, in fact prefer, a holistic, real, solutions-based approach to self-leadership and business success.


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