Session Description:

Ultimately, everyone wants the same things – to love, be loved and feel safe. This session is about the power that comes from within; a kind of real power that springs from being able to trust and to love yourself, to be capable of bringing out the joy from within and living a life of integrity. This power allows one to stay true to oneself by being authentic and vulnerable. This is what Annie calls Power Love.

Powerful living is being present in the moment, enjoying life and being fully empowered in your choices, actions and thoughts. Coming from the place of choice created by living a powerful life gives us the freedom to be our true integrated selves. This is what Annie calls Power Life.

Session Takeaways:

  • How to live your life feeling alive and connected
  • How to have fun and how it changes your experiences
  • How to discover your passion
  • How to understand your purpose and live it
  • How to create a world of possibilities for yourself
  • How to love yourself and others
  • How to give and receive in life to experience true happiness

Dr Annie Lim’s Bio:

Annie is a social venture activist and serial entrepreneur, who loves business-start ups, enjoys public speaking, training, coaching and transformational work, adding value to the lives of those she meets; she is playful, creative and enjoys her life, being at peace and joy most of the time and speaking her truth.

She is the founder of WEWorld Network, a global community of joyful, abundance-minded women entrepreneurs with the vision to create world peace through business, while celebrating feminine heart and soul.

She is the also founder of Dr. Annie Lim International, and the co-founder of Origin of Wisdom; both training companies that support individuals to discover who they truly are and to live a fully-self expressed life.

Annie has a PhD in Entrepreneurship where her research was published in several notable international academic journals focusing on growth companies by founding CEOs.

Website: www.DrAnnieLim.com

Facebook Page: /DrAnnieLim

Twitter Handler: @DrAnnieLim